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9 august 2016
21 august 2016

Lily Platts, Aston Cox and Nicola Mildren are all in their second year of studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the ANU Art School.


Lily Platts is interested in examining her life experiences through painting and has been influenced greatly by her childhood in rural Australia. Lily explores colour, gesture and texture in painting. She has recently taken electives in the Glass workshop and has been experimenting with combining this medium with painting to create some really unique visual effects.


Aston Cox is majoring in Sculpture at the Art School. He draws inspiration from how people relate to each other and to the environment. Aston uses recycled and found materials wherever possible to explore these ideas. His interest in Environmental Science as well as his own extensive experience outdoors (bushwalking, kayaking and working on his parents farm), has fueled his curiosity in the human interaction with land and nature.


Nicola Mildren is interested in the simplicity and vibrancy of colour and the varying emotive effects that different colour palettes can produce. Nicola mainly works with watercolour paints and experiments with different processes to reveal the subtle ways in which transparent layers of paint can interact.


Together these three artists have explored the theme ‘Refraction’, aiming to reveal the intricacies of light and its effects. Their contrasting art practices expose varying aspects of light movement – deflected light, salient angles and lines, unique shadows and the production of colour.